Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's Play Ball

I have been pretty happy with my success so far so I keep forging ahead. My next project was out of a book I received for Christmas. The book has a kinds of great projects for me to tackle. I absolutely love the book and my dear friend for getting it for me!
I chose another sweet baby toy to start. It is basically a soccer ball but out of soft fabric. Too cute! I cut out all 23 hexagons and pentagons and began sewing. 
It was really quite simple, thanks to the directions and illustrations. 
The only part that I need to improve is the seam that closes the project. I believe it is called a Blind Stitch. 
Well mine is not so blind but I can only get better from here! The ball turned out too cute. Although it is too big for my 5 month old to play with now we will hopefully be rolling back and forth in no time. He loves to look at it and head butt it for now, plus it is a great pillow for me while I am on the floor during Tummy Time!

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