Friday, March 19, 2010


As friends and family members' birthday's pop-up this spring I decided to try to make some gifts this year. Although I have a lot of ideas for projects I thought I should start with a project that had a thorough tutorial. I headed back to my one, lone sewing book, Seams to Me.
This time I chose a handbag to recreate. Anna calls it the 'I'll Have One of Everything Bag', for its obvious size. I loved the bag and figured I could handle reproducing it?!?
Cute right?
I felt I needed to tone it down a bit so I chose four fabrics instead of 8 and I cut a larger piece for the middle of the bag to be the focus fabric. I loved picking out coordinating fabrics and feel I am actually getting better at picking my fabrics. I started with black/white/red and was going to make this bag for my sister's birthday. Loved the fabrics but was not so impressed with my work. I decided to keep the first attempt and start over for her gift. I went back to JoAnn's and picked out some new fabric this time I chose her favorite color, purple. I did not intend to pick purple but I found a fabric I loved. While I was there I chose some shades of green as well for my friend's birthday bag! :) 
The second and third bags went much faster and turned out a bit neater than the first. I LOVE the fabric choices, especially the green. I love the breaded straps but I still felt something wasn't quite right with the bags. I decided to start using the first bag to get a feel for it and see if I could figure out what wasn't quite right. 
The first time I wore it out I started getting complements. But it was at happy hour when I figured out the problem. One of my friends commented on the bag and when I told her I had made it she asked to take a closer look. As she was putting in her birthday order for a bag of her own, she asked for the pointy corners to be pinched. I thought about it and started playing with the bag and figured out how to 'fix' it to my liking. 

That was it! I loved the bag before but now it is perfect! I can't wait to give these gifts and to make more! Happy Sewing!

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