Monday, August 23, 2010

A Year of Firsts

In preparing for the first birthday I knew I wanted to make a Birthday Board

A Birthday Board is a fun creation I saw on How Does She. I love their tutorials and I knew it would not be a problem putting it together! I figured I would include 12 holes so that I could include a picture from each month of Jake's first year rather than the balloons as pictured above.  

While picking up crafting supplies for the party, I found an alternative to the 2x4. I found wood block picture holders. They had 2 wires to hold the pictures and I thought, oh what an easy way out! :) I picked up 7 blocks and a scrapbook birthday package with paper and stickers. For the rest of the project I followed How Does She's tutorial. 

I ended up changing my plans with the picture blocks and using them to display some of the major milestones in Jake's first year, hence A Year of Firsts. I displayed them in different places throughout the house. 
How Does She, I copied that!

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