Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Girl Apron

Christmas gift making is in full force over here at I Copied That!

I was at Target picking up a few things and had to walk through the dollar section, of course! I saw they had some bags of toy plastic fruit and vegetables. I thought about my friend's daughter and knew she would love the food. After thinking about ways to make it creative, while I walked through Target with a toddler who has decided that the front of the cart is NOT cool anymore, I was idea-less. 
That evening I went through my bookmarked projects for toddlers. What could I possibly do? Finally I came up with an idea! Phew! I would find a cute little basket and make an apron to add to the basket and fruit. I was at World Market to pick-up some cookie cutters and found the cutest tea towels.
I thought that I could use the red floral (with the cute little ruffle) to make the apron! I could also use the solid red (they came together) as a liner for the basket. Oh, I found the cutest little basket there as well! 
I took the tea towel and cut it in half. I then folded it in half and measured four and a half inches over from the fold. From that point I cut a J shape to create the shape of the apron. From there I followed the tutorial prepared by Joanna at Star Dust Shoes. I had some scraps that I used for the ties and for the pocket.
Although it is not perfect, I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute! Love the ruffle at the bottom, and I did not even have to do it! I cannot wait to see sweet Nyah walking around in this apron!
Here is the whole gift! I found the collinder at World Market as well. It is tiny and so cute. I thought it would be a good addition. Come on you have to wash those fruits and veggies after you pick them!
Merry Christmas, Nyah!
Hope you love your gift!
Thanks, Star Dust Shoes, I copied that! 

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