Thursday, February 4, 2010

Curtains 2.0

The first attempt went so well and was so easy I decided to jump right in. I searched and searched for fabric to match my dining room or bedroom, with no avail! I ended up finding ready made curtains at Pier One. I liked them and they were on sale, so why not. I thought they would work in the dining room so I made the sale. Unfortunately they were too short! (Bad part of buying pre-made items!) I was so mad! I was taking the curtains up to the attic (maybe I could use them at my next house :) ) But I noticed that they matched in my bedroom. Perfect! Wait… I bought enough for the dining room and my bedroom had four windows. Pier One didn’t have any more of that pattern. What could I do??? Hum…
At first I put one panel on each window and thought it would work to plank the windows. No not crazy about it. Then I decided to get creative. I cut two of the panels vertically down the middle and hemmed the edges. It worked great! Now the other two windows…
I didn’t want long curtains because the dog cage was in front of one window. I decided to cut the last panel horizontally down the middle. I thought a cloud valance would work well. I had to hem the top and bottom of the panels this time. I used ribbons to tie up the curtains. Pretty cute, I think! Here we go I am on a roll! 

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