Thursday, February 4, 2010

Burlap Curtains

I had a sewing machine and I knew I wanted to use it to make stuff, but what? The easiest thing I could think to make was curtains! Straight lines, everyone can figure that out right? So first step: find fabric. For a lot of people of this is the easy part but for me not so much. I am the person who decorates the room then looks for window treatments. Most are smarter than me and start with the fabrics. I do things difficultly and try to find fabric to match my paint color, ugh! Needless to say it takes a long while!
I decided to start with the baby’s room. I was expecting and new I had to have the room finished before his birth. Not because he would be sleeping in it but because I needed something to do. I did not know the baby’s gender so I decided to do a neutral safari themed room. It came to me one evening: BURLAP! The perfect ’safari’ fabric! I decided to use burlap as my curtain fabric. How easy and cheap could it get? The curtains took no time at all. I decided to make them even more complicated by stitching one extra line and add a ruffle at the top. I think they look great and the jump started my sewing hobby!

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