Thursday, February 4, 2010

Every Bed Needs a Headboard!

At least I think so, but not my husband! He thought it was 
fine to have the bed in our guest room void of any decorations. I, however, disagreed! So I ventured out to Lowes and bought a piece of plywood. I hate going to that part of the store but I stood up straight, held my head high and walked over. I grabbed the first piece of plywood I saw and ran the other way. I left the store as quick as I could. I did not want anyone to ask me what, little old me, was going to do with a huge piece of plywood. (Partly because I wasn’t sure!) Sure I had seen Trading Spaces but I am more the type that sees something and runs with it. I make the plans after I screw it up first! Next stop fabric store… Did not know what I was looking for or what size to get so I walked around looking for inspiration. This is the part that kills me, remember I copy, finding things for myself isn’t so easy. I did find a remnant that I loved and thought it would be big enough!?! Add some batting and I was on my way. Once I got home and started playing around I realized that I needed to shave off the top a bit. I did not like the square look. (Tip: Always plan after the project has started). I had to wait over a week to finally find a friend with a ‘jigsaw’ (new word). Then my brilliant mind decided to go for it! I found a piece of paper and drew a curved line, that was good enough, right? WRONG! It took a few cuts to get it right but I did it. Next cover it. That was the easy part for me! I had staple gun, batting and the perfect fabric. Easy! Until I realized that my fabric wasn’t the right size. I had plenty but I had to patch it together. That is where the problem solver comes in! :) I just patched it together at the bottom of the board no one would see it! Beautiful! Easy-ish! Now your turn!

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  1. We desperately need a headboard but this looks cumbersome! Maybe this can be my summer project.