Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monster Wipe Case

When I saw this post/tutorial I knew this was the best way to jump back into the crafting game! What mother doesn't have a wipe case laying around, right? And what baby doesn't love playing with it, especially when it is full of wipes to pull out! Sweet Charlie had a great idea to decorate the wipe case to make it, just that much, more fun!
I loved the idea and thought my little guy would love it too!
I started with an old wipe case (mine was white), googly eyes, Dollar Store felt package, and some green remnant felt fabric. I choose to use E-6000 glue instead of a glue gun like Sweet Charlie recommended. This was a mistake. The E-6000 has a toxic smell and I had to leave our new toy outside for a couple days to  'air it out!'
The project was really easy and kinda fun! I didn't have any problems following the tutorial step-by-step. The 'teeth' part wasn't super easy but gluing teeth on the inside and outside of the opening certainly works best.

I added some embellishments to make the Green Monster extra fun for my little guy! Some spikes, a bow tie and claws!

And now for the fun to begin; one, two, three...BOO!

What a easy, entertaining project for me and my son! 
Thanks Sweet Charlie, I copied that!


  1. Oh I love it! I am so glad you gave me this link! I love how you put a bowtie and little hands on it - super cute! I love your blog and especially love the title! I love when people copy me!! Thanks so much for telling me about your sweet blog - I am your newest follower!

  2. I really like how you've put your own personal spin on the project.
    My little girl helped me with this one so I had to keep my design simple.
    (Toddlers and hot glue dont go well together).
    Here's my creation and I linked back to you =)