Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pillow Case Dress, kinda...

I had heard of the Pillow Case Dress and loved the idea. Anything that is created from something else always intrigues me! Maybe it is my lack of ability or just because I always seem to do things half-ass, but in my mind  it appears that it would be easy to create when it starts as something else.
My dear friend is having a birthday party for her one year old this weekend and when I saw Prudent Baby's Post  I wanted to try to make this seemingly easy dress for her sweet little girl. The tutorial was thorough and the dress appeared to be simple enough. This was to be my first attempt at clothing and I was a bit worried to say the least! I am pleased to announce that it was a success!!
(Excuse the back drop, the best lighting is outside!)
I know it was a success because when I showed my husband and told him I made it he said, "No, you didn't!" -He knows all about my 'skills'!
Now, I am aware that this is not as great as it could be, but I am really proud of myself! The design is simple, yet fun and fabric is to die for (more projects with is fabric coming!)
This was the first time I used bias tape but the tutorial was so great I didn't have any trouble! The shape of the  arm cutouts are a little deep but I think it will work! I can't wait to see this on sweet Nyah! I will update with a picture of her in the dress. 
BTW the dress is so versatile that I think she will be able to grow into it using it first as a dress then a long shirt with some leggings and maybe a long sleeve shirt underneath!?! Boy, I need a daughter! :) 

Thanks Prudent Baby, I copied that!


  1. It is very nice, weldone! I have also made one with the Prudent Baby tutorial, they do a great job... and anyway, it is true, it is a little dress very easy to wear (even if not perfect !)... and I am lucky, I have a daughter ;-)

  2. how did you make it? do you have a pattern? I would love it if you do, and could share it:)