Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bird Party Favors

Planning Party Favors for a one year's birthday party was a tricky feat! The children attending the party aged from 5 months to 8 years old. I wanted the favors to be the same for all the children and I wanted them to be personalized as well. 

The idea started with a link and tutorial from Skip to My Lou. It is a tutorial for an advent calendar but I loved the shapes of the little birdies! I decided to copy the pattern for my Birdie themed party.
Cute right? I know! Cindy is so creative! I downloaded her template and traced out the birds on blue felt. I then used green felt for the wings. I chose to skip the feathers on the back, the heart and the beak. (My sewing skills are still not up to par!) I played around with the design quite a bit! And made a few prototypes. I had a very hard time sewing around the outside of the bird with a sewing machine. So I chose to hand stitch the final product and make it obvious. I used thread that did not match to allow it to stand out, but not too much to be distracting. Cindy's numbered beads inspired me as well. I remembered that I had wooden blocks stamped with letters. I decided to add each child's name to the bird as well. (Personalized...check!)
Part one complete, now what?!?!

I thought I would float through some of my bookmarked projects to get some inspiration or ideas. I loved THIS idea. It is from The idea wasn't going to work exactly for me but it made me think of an I-Spy bottle (which would work better). I first thought of using water and oil but realized that would be too 'easy' for the older kids. Then I thought sand and actually bought it, but that did not work well so I settled on rice. I searched and searched for small items that could fit into the top of a water bottle. Finally, I found some confetti and small plastic table decorations at the local party store that I thought would work.
I created a label on (One of my favs! More to come on that later) Then I hot glued the lid on and hot glued a ribbon around the top to secure the bottle. I thought this would be fun for the children of all ages because not only could the older children search for items but the younger children could use it as a shaker! 

What else? Bird theme?? What do birds have/do/like? BIRD SEED!

I decided to mix Cherios, Chex, Raisins, and M&Ms to make 'Bird Seed'! I made a label for this as well so parents knew what exactly was inside just in case of allergies. 
Alright good start! I need at least one more thing!?

I took to google for the final item. I decided on a little container of play dough. I took off the label and put my own on. And here is the final items in the favor bag...

Now I wanted to make something for the adults that would be attending the party. I knew that adults would not want to 'take' anything. I decided that something simple such as a snack would work best. I dipped pretzel rods in dark chocolate and sprinkles. I added a ribbon and a label that thanked our guests.

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  1. You are so talented! I'm very impressed and very jealous!