Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birdie Birthday Cake...or Really Cupcake

This was an uneasy topic for me! I am a little crazy when it comes to what my little guy eats. I did not want to have a 'Smash Cake' at all! But at the same time I was willing to let Jake have his first sweet!
I started looking for something cute to make. Enter Martha Stewart.
Nesting Baby-Bluebird Cupcakes
Love it!! I decided this would be the best option because I would not have to have a smash cake and I would not have to take time to cut and pass out cake to everyone. 

It was not as easy as it looked! I followed the directions and even bought the appropriate tools. Needless to say, I am NOT Martha!
Although they are not as cute as Martha's. I still think they worked, they were delish, and I learned an important lesson, I will NEVER be Martha but I can try to copy her!

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