Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Shirt

You can find birthday shirts, especially first birthday shirts, everywhere! I wanted to do something a little more special for my little fellow and I wanted it to follow the party theme.

First thing first, I had to find a plain t-shirt. That was a chore of its own! I was not picky about color but it had to fit and I wanted it to be plain so that I could embellish it! I settled on a brown front pocket tee. (Best I could do! Thanks Target!!)

Now what?? I went through my fabric scraps to get some inspiration. The party theme colors were brown, blue and green. I found some felt fabric that had clouds on it, good start. I decided to cut out a one with the fabric. After placing the one on the shirt I decided to embellish it more. I used some brown and white plaid fabric to go behind the 1. Then I cut out a bird from a blue fabric. Lastly, I embroidered Jacob into the shirt pocket. I zigzag sewed the items on the shirt so I could give it a scrapy look. I washed it after I sewed it to allow the scrapy edges to come out.

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