Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birdie Party: The Big Day

I spent the last 3 months planning the party and now the big day was upon us! I was excited to see it all come together. (Although extremely nervous to make the cupcakes.) I knew everything else would come together just fine. I had about 25 people coming to the party (more than I initially intended), but with proper planning I felt it would be ok. I needed to decorate, make the cupcakes and tidy up. 
The most important planning piece for me was NAP TIME. I wanted to make sure Jake enjoyed his party and I knew to do that he NEEDED his naps! He still is taking 2 naps a day and sleeping about 4 hours a day. He needs his sleep to function so he IS a good sleeper. My sister and her fiance stayed with us but I asked everyone else to not come before noon to ensure a smooth morning. (The party started at 3pm :) )
Jake playing with his first birthday present from Mommy and Daddy, a sand and water table.

The decorating started at nap time. I had an idea of where I wanted everything so the decorating was more about placing things where I thought they would work. 

Sofa Table

The Wreath with the J was suppose to go on the door but it kept falling down so we repositioned it in front of where Jake would be opening his gifts.

Dinning Room

Our wonderful neighbors have a family tradition they shared with us. They may pictures with the age of the birthday child and decorate the house with them. Here is an example, one that was placed on the front door.

The party turned out to be great! Everyone had a lot of fun especially Jake! He was not at all shy or uncomfortable with all the attention and did not have any meltdowns! (Success!) 
I tried to pace the party so that we got to everything and did not run over. We started the party with small talk and introductions. While we were doing that I had burgers cooking on the grill. We then ate a little. The party was 3-5pm but I wanted food because I knew that Jake would need to eat during the party. I wanted him to eat before the cupcake and he would be too tired to eat after. Following dinner we opened presents. I had Jake open only the gifts of the guests. I knew a one year old would not have the patience to open all the gifts and family would be around later to watch him open presents. Next we moved on to singing Happy Birthday and the cupcake. That concluded the party, from then we just talked and hung out watching the kids play. That way everyone felt comfortable (and ready) to leave right at 5pm. Family and a couple out of town friends stayed a couple hours later to catch-up. Jake went to bed about 5:45 because he was overstimulated and exhausted. Great afternoon!
One year already! What a great party to celebrate and even better year!

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