Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. Builderman-Halloween Costume

So excited for Halloween! 
I have been thinking about what the little guy should dress up as for his second Halloween. Although the hubby thought Jim Tressel (Ohio State Football coach) would be cute, I thought it would go over the heads of people in Nashville. While the discussion continued our neighbors started construction on a new screened in back porch. Jacob loved watching and listening to all of the work being done. He even says bang, bang now in reference to the hammering. He received a tool box with tools for his birthday, so he has been carrying around a hammer for a few weeks now. So without many words, he was able to tell us what he wanted to be for Halloween!
I searched and searched for a cute builder costume with no avail. Everything I found was plastic and cheap looking. The crafter in me knew I had to create a costume for my little man! I wanted something cute, of course, but something realistic. Looking at the workers next door did not give me much inspiration, being that none of them wore hardhats or tool belts?!?! So I went to google images and searched out inspiration there. I decided a florescent vest with reflective tape would help the look along with a tool belt and hardhat, of course. 
I started with some knit fabric and reflective tape. I also bought some velcro to use to close the vest but I did not end up using the velcro. I just sketched out a bit of a plan then traced one of Jake's jackets to get the size correct.
(I tucked the sleeves behind the jacket)
I double layered the fabric to give the vest some weight and make it sturdier. (Knowing my boy!) As I worked Jake woke up from his nap. I was so excited about the project I tried to keep working on it while he played. (Right!) He decided he needed to be up on my lap helping the whole time! It was actually really cute! But after I accidentally sewed the arm hole closed I decided it was best to pick up the project later! :)
It ended up being a good thing because I had some good embellishment ideas and decided to add pockets.
I used reflective binding at the sides of the vest where I sewed the front and back together for added detail. I also added the reflective tape to the front and back of the vest. 
Please read disclaimer before viewing final project

Disclaimer: I am NOT a seamstress! I just teach myself and do the best I can!
Ok so it is a little crooked and the pockets are not even I am not selling it and isn't it the thought that counts? Come on when it is on you cannot really even tell! (Or at least that is what I am telling myself!)
It is kinda cute, right?
Now I just need to make the tool belt! FUN! Stay tuned!

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