Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trick or Treat

I picked up this little orange bag at Michael's Crafts. It was $1.00 and I knew I could make this little bag a cute Trick or Treat bag for my guy! I had some extra reflective tape from the construction vest so I thought I could add that and maybe some paint to represent a pumpkin.

I made a stencil, just out of paper, and used this glitter spray paint. It had a squirt top so it was very easy to use. I then outlined the face with some fabric paint. One side done. Check!
Sorry not a great pick, but you get the idea!
On the other side I decided to get a little more creative! I saw the cutest idea from a post on a Halloween Round-up but my computer went dead and I lost the site! Boo! I had to work from my memory. The basic idea was a spider web made out of black floss and a spider out of a button. Super cute! Here is what I came up with...
I had to make this picture extra large because, come on, it is too cute!
After attaching the spider, button, I went over two holes with bright yellow to make the eyes. I felt like the bag needed something more so I stitched his name down at the bottom and stitched a black dotted line through the handles. After all the stitching I needed to add a lining. I put a black lining in the bag with some extra fabric I had laying around. 
Hopefully this bag will not only be used this Halloween but for more to come!
Sorry I can't give credit random blogger, but I copied that! Thanks!

I was not completely satisfied with the pumpkin side of the bag so I added some more embellishments. I added a pumpkin shape around the face and wrote Trick or Treat. Much better!

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