Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toddler Tool Belt

I was done to the wire getting Jake's Halloween costume finished in time and what happened?? BROKEN SEWING MACHINE! (of course!)
What to do? There is nothing to do but get CREATIVE! I still needed to make the tool belt for his costume and I had a basic outline for doing so from The Creative Maven
Her plan used a place mat to create the tool belt. I loved this idea because I knew that he would be rough with it and I wanted it to last so he could use it for dramatic play. I decided that I could pull this off using a GLUE GUN! Thanks to A Girl and a Glue Gun for inspiring projects using a glue gun!
This plan could not have been easier especially using a glue gun!! All I had to do was fold the place mat in half then fold one side down one inch. I glued the half inch down then glued the sides down. I added a loop for the hanging hammer. I also glued binding to add a bit of embellishment.
I glued the strap on the back of the tool belt. I already had bought the clip to open and close the straps and I just put it on with a bit of glue too! I am telling you, SUPER EASY! And I still think it looks cute! I did not tell anyone it was glued and no one noticed. So make a tool belt for your little one today! 
Thanks The Creative Maven, I copied that!

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  1. So cute!! I love the vest you made too. I made a tool belt too, but I didn't finish it in time for his little fashion show and honestly it wasn't much to post about :) I wish I would've seen this first!