Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Case

In looking for a birthday gift for my sweet neighbor I had to think back to being seven. What would I have wanted? I then searched the blog world with the thought of a 'arts or crafts' theme. I found the cutest art case that I knew right-a-way this was the way to go!
Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff made the cutest case and added a tutorial so we can all make one as well!! Not being the best sewer, I did have a few problems while following the tutorial but I managed to push through! :)
I made a few changes; larger pocket for 'tools' AND I added some decorative fabric on the front. Not because I intended to do so but because I started making the case with the reversible fabric backwards! BOO!
I think is worked out well after all. You truly need to think through the tutorial and work though it before you start it is somewhat complicated. The best idea for the case is using quilted fabric! I have not used it before and I was very please with it and did not have trouble sewing with it! 
Thanks This Mama Makes Stuff, I copied that!

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