Monday, August 1, 2011

I found the cutest idea from My Own Road. This is perfect for my little guy!
Jen took this trash bag box and turned it into a mailbox for her daughter. I knew I had to do the same thing for Jacob because he loves the mail! He loves getting the mail and saying hello to the mailman. He then takes each piece of mail and studies them very carefully! :)
I didn't have as large of a trash bag box but this one worked just great! I had to use paint to write Mailbox on the box because when I used stickers they mysteriously disappeared! Although I did get a very nice 'picture' out of the deal! 
Sorry about the picture I was messing with my settings and had to click fast.
Jen made some mail for the mailbox out of felt. She took the time to make them very cute. I did not sew two pieces together but I did made some mail.
After playing with the mail and mailbox I decided we needed a mail bag to put the mail in before it was delivered! Jake kept taking the mailbox and moving the mail around, kind of missing the point. So I threw together this little mail bag for him to use to help deliver the mail. It seriously took about 30 minutes to make! It is very simple, I used an old receiving blanket and a scrap piece of fabric. I love using receiving blankets to make toys for Jake because the flannel is strong, soft and does not fray. I added a little pocket on the front with a flag and the letters for US Mail. The bag is simple to allow for easy access for putting the mail in and taking it out. I made one strap and place it across his shoulders so the bag hangs at his side. He was super excited! :)
Check out Jen's tutorial over at My Own Road!

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