Monday, August 1, 2011

Second Birthday- part 1

I cannot even begin to believe that Jacob is almost two years old! I am so proud of the little guy and love getting to know him and watching him grow everyday!
Preparations are well on their way for the birthday party! I went back and forth about even having one but decided that we would have a small party with his friends. The party theme is Dig, Dig (Construction). Jacob is obsessed with all things construction! He has actually been fascinated with construction since last October!!   When planning the party I pulled out my Party Planning Template again and started brainstorming.

I just googled construction birthday parties and found a great supply of resources. There are so many creative people out there so, I Copied That! Here are the plans I made for Jake's party.

I have started getting the decorations ready and the party favors together as well. It is so fun and I just can't wait to see Jake's face when he sees the house decorated and his friends over all ready to "Dig, Dig!"

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