Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Blocks

One of my favorite blogs had the cutest picture of baby blocks that she had made. There was no tutorial but I have had so much luck these days I knew I could figure it out! The brilliant Jill of Home Made By Jill gave me the idea of using receiving blankets as fabric for baby projects as well. I mentioned that I have the hardest time picking out fabric. I love many, many fabrics but have a hard time coordinating fabrics and find that my favorites are quite expensive! Receiving blankets come in packages of 4 or 5 different patterns and are so soft! Plus you can find them really inexpensive! I found quite a few varieties at Target for $6.99! Not bad for 4 blankets! 

These blocks are super easy and leave way for adding creative extras! I cut squares of plastic grocery bags to sew inside a couple sides of the blocks to create that creakily sound babies love. I also added bells to the middle for a little shaking fun! I added ribbons to the outside to allow the baby to hold the blocks with easy and for texture. Speaking of texture, I used a silky fabric and a chenille fabric to add different textures for the baby to explore. I made 3 blocks for my angel and three for a baby shower gift I am getting together. (More on that later!) 
And as you can see Jakey loves the blocks! Soft enough for him to get a good grip and still fun to look at and play with, yea! 

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