Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

Tummy Time Basket
Love baby showers! Well at least the ones without games! It is so fun to welcome a new baby into the world and what better way than with some homemade gifts. I decided to put together some homemade toys and a blanket for a sweet little boy coming in April. I took the patterns that I used to make my own little guy some toys and made a basket of gifts for baby Dylan to have when he has tummy time on the floor! 
I made a small blanket for mommy to lay down on the floor for tummy time. It was pretty simple and I actually made it in an evening. 
I started by cutting out 20 6x6 inch squares (using 5 different fabrics)
I laid out the fabrics in alternating order then sewed the sides and the top and bottom rows
The center section: 
I cut a 15x21 inch piece for the middle then 2 inch wide strips to frame the center piece.
Next, I sewed the side pieces to the middle piece and the top and bottom in the respected spots.
(I had a gap so I sewed two other strips on either side of the middle piece.)
Lastly, I pinned the back piece to the front (right sides facing) I also added some batting to the back to make the blanket more substantial. I sewed around the blanket leaving one square open to turn the blanket right side out. I then blind stitched the square closed and there you have it! 

I made a soft fabric soccer ball, blocks and cloth rings. Notice that I used all the same fabric for each project. 

The little tepee is not a toy, but because the baby is a boy I new I had to make one of these. I saw this on Little Birdie Secrets and loved the idea. The tepee is called a Pee Pee Tepee, know what it is used for??? Anyone who has changed a boy's diaper or given a baby boy a bath will love this brilliant creation! I made mine with the same fabric on the outside but on the inside I used terrycloth so it is very absorbent. 
In the basket I added some cute burp cloths for mommy and a bag of diapers. So excited to give this homemade gift, that I copied!

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