Monday, August 22, 2011

Construction Birthday Party Decorations

Ah, the big day has come and gone! It could not have been smoother or more fun! The kids had a great time playing which allowed the parents to enjoy a little conversation. It was a success!
Now here are the details!
I ordered just about everything from Oriental Trading Company! They are the best! This banner came from them. I originally got it for a row of pictures, one from each month of his second year, but it was so big I could cut it up and use it in numerous places. I did cut each triangle apart because the space between them was too wide. I just used a glue gun to stick them back together. It really was not a big deal. I believe it came with a 100 feet, which was way too much but allowed for some added decorations around the house inside and out.
This banner is the reason I bought it in the first place. I put a picture of Jacob from each month- 13 through 24. I did this last year and really loved seeing how much he changed so I wanted to include it again this year. He has changed so much in the last 4 months it is unbelievable! I made a sign like a construction sign that said, "Jake's Second Year." I will link to this on my printables post. I used the website to write each month on the picture. This is a dummied down photoshop and I love it. It is free or you can upgrade for about $25 bucks a year!

Here are a few other places I included the banner. The last picture is the party favor table I placed the tool belts in a tool box for display. I made a printable for the banner that said, "Thank you for helping us celebrate." The truck is just an added decoration.
Another party favor were these hats. I bought them through Oriental Trading and just added the sticker (Printable page) with each child's name and a few foam stickers, again through Oriental Trading. The kids could grab the hats during the party but I saved the tool belts for when they left. These children were young and I knew that pieces would be lost or mixed up as the party progressed if I handed it out at the beginning of the party. Plus it helped the little ones say goodbye without tears.
Horrible picture, but here is a wreath I made. I will use this as a prop in a photo shoot for his birthday pictures as well. 
Here are foam stickers of road signs I bought at Oriental Trading Company. I received a HUGE bag of them and just used them as decorations all over. I took one and stuck it to a string then put the matching sign on the opposite side and hung the string from the chandelier. 

This is the food table. I did not serve a meal just finger foods. In the corner you can see a bucket with a sign reading, "Dirt Pudding." Here is a link to the recipe. Appropriate for the theme! :)

I printed two different coloring pages for the children. (printables) One was a picture of a dump truck and the other was a construction area. I placed them on this window seat with two buckets of crayons and some truck books. I did not know if anyone would read or color but it was an option. We did have a couple 
color-ers and book readers. It was a nice way to defuse a sticky situation. 
And the most important decoration... The DIG, DIG Table! 

I had a train table that I placed in the center of the room with pea rocks in it. I then made some road signs to decorate it with and filled in the trucks, bowls, cups and shovels. By husband thought I was nuts and told me he would have no part of the clean-up if I went through with this! But after the party he was willing to admit it was a HIT! It would obviously be better suited for outside but here in Tennessee it is just too hot to have an outdoor party in August! At least for a 8 month pregnant lady, like myself!!
The last part of decorations is the cake! I was planning on making a cake but being 8 months pregnant and having a tiny kitchen in a HOT August I decided to buy one. This one could not have been a better choice. I picked it up at Publix. 

The decorations always seem to help set the mood of a party. Although we rent and I DO NOT love the house or paint colors/wall paper, I try to make the most of it for the party. 

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