Monday, August 8, 2011

Construction Party- Party Favors

For the party favors I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Jake loves dressing up and I knew the other children do too. So I wanted to include some dress-up items.
I went over to Home Depot and picked up these tool belts. They were $0.77 a piece. I embellished them a bit by adding the children's names and a few foam tools. The foam tools are beads that came from Oriental Trading Company. I love this store! I have used them for years, through my teaching career.
I used the foam beads to make necklaces. I initially bought them to use as an activity during the party. But after receiving them I decided they were too small for the children to bead by themselves. I included the necklaces in the tool belt. 
I included these plastic water squirters. I thought they were cute and fit perfectly with the theme. I placed one of the squirters in the tool belt. 
The last thing I included was a small plastic dump truck. Inside the dump truck was a notepad, crayons and stickers. 
I wrapped the tool belts up with the child's name showing. I plan on displaying them as part of the decorations until the end of the party. We will see if the kids let me do that! All of the items inside came from Oriental Trading and I also bought construction hard hats. I plan to put those out for the children during the party. I made sticker labels for those and will post pictures of those later. They will be the "party hats" so the kids will hopefully want to wear them! I am getting so excited! 

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